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Rann's Ranting Place

The mingling of ideologies hurts and stings!

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Rann Aridorn
25 February 1981
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Well, let's see... I'm a fanfic writer for the most part, and I suppose my next greatest passion is freeform RPing, mostly on mucks. I'm a person of fluid sexuality, preferences, and temperament. Hmmm... I never really know what to say on these things, though.
Well, I'm probably not the typical BlogBunny. My journal isn't usually filled with a daily barrage of every webquiz or meme I can find. (I do take one occasionally, but only when it actually appeals, and I don't feel obligated to post the results of every quiz I take.) There's the occasional bitching about parents, yes, and even some griping about silly things people I know have done, but still, don't expect "Ohmigawd ohmigawd I hate Relena so much sadistic Heero an crossdressing Duo 4EVAR!!!!11!"
(Oh, yeah, I also rant about bad yaoi sometimes. c.c And I don't want to hear bitching about my stated views on politics or anything else. I'm not looking for an argument, I'm usually just looking to vent.)

"... What are you looking for? Where is the object of your desire? What will satisfy you? [...], are you going to live, or will you die here? The decision is yours. That's the only certain thing in life! Believe in yourself and forge your own destiny!"

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